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Horoscopes for the week of February 15th

found on Pinterest #AstroProTips   Sunday, February 14th First Quarter Moon/Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Taurus (both at 26 degrees) at 11:46 PM PST Monday, February 15th Moon enters Gemini at 6:35 AM PST Tuesday, February 16th Venus enters Aquarius at 8:17 PM PST Wednesday, February 17th Moon enters Cancer at 11:24 AM PST Mars enters its pre retrograde shadow Thursday, February 18th Sun enters Pisces at 9:34 PM PST Friday February 19th Moon enters Leo at 6:17 PM PST Monday, February 22nd Full moon in Virgo at 10:20 AM Each evening the waxing moon will greet us as it...

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