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2020: The Year Ahead for Your Sign

Chani Nicholas

2020: The Year Ahead for Your Sign

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In this workshop, we will explore how the most important astrology transits of 2020 will affect you, key dates to work with, what to watch out for, and the major themes of your year so you can plan for success.

The astrology of 2020 brings with it era-defining transits that impact us collectively and personally. What we embark on now will impact us for many decades to come. What we do with the opportunities that come our way will help us to develop our relationship to a specific area of our life and our potential.  

In short, the key components of the astrology of 2020 will impact the signs in the following ways:

  • Aries & Aries Rising – Professional growth, recognition for your efforts, and committing to the aspects of your career that matter most to you.
  • Taurus & Taurus Rising – Growth through committing to a destination that encourages your self-development, knowledge, and helps you gain the experiences most soulfully satisfying for you.
  • Gemini & Gemini Rising – Growth through committing to the healing practices you most need at this point on your life as committing to the collaborative efforts your life is calling for.
  • Cancer & Cancer Rising – Growth through committed partnerships and the developments of appropriate structures, boundaries, and responsibilities in personal and professional relationships.
  • Leo & Leo Rising – Growth through developing the structures and boundaries required to achieve what you want to in your work-life and for your overall well-being.
  • Virgo & Virgo Rising – Growth through committing to the structures your creative projects are calling for.
  • Libra & Libra Rising – Growth through development of a solid home-base and foundation.
  • Scorpio & Scorpio Rising – Growth through communications, writing projects, and your daily life and rituals.
  • Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising – Transforming your financial systems and structures, while creating avenues for sustainable growth.
  • Capricorn & Capricorn Rising – Personal growth through committing to the projects that encourage your maturity, integrity, and self-respect.
  • Aquarius & Aquarius Rising – Tapping into the inner wealth and growth that is available to you through your practices of introspection, the development of behind the scenes work, and your personal healing.
  • Pisces & Pisces Rising – Growth through social roles and the development of structures that serve the group, community, or collective.

This course will outline:

  • The main astrological themes of 2020 and how they will specifically affect your sign; 
  • The retrograde cycles of both Venus and Mars; 
  • Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction in Capricorn; Jupiter and Pluto’s conjunctions in Capricorn; Saturn and Jupiter’s entrance into Aquarius and their conjunction there; Neptune in Pisces; Uranus in Taurus; and Pluto in Capricorn
  • The Eclipses of 2020;
  • The Mercury Retrogrades of 2020; and
  • Homework, rituals, and meditations specific to your sign, designed to help you make the most of the important planetary shifts of 2020.

Delivery: This is available for immediate download. You will receive an additional email from Shopify with a PDF that will take you to the course. If you have trouble viewing the course, contact us at

Format: This course will be taught through a series of videos that will be delivered to you via a Dropbox link. You do not need a Dropbox account to take part in the course but you will need access to the internet to download the videos. Printable slides will also be provided.   

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