2021: The Year Ahead For Your Sign

Chani Nicholas

2021: The Year Ahead For Your Sign

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The astrology of 2021 is radical. Set to innovate our most outdated structures, the revolutions that want to be embodied by us will span the entirety of our world; from the personal to the political we are ready for a systems update. The structures of our inner and outer world that are the most rigid, seemingly solid, and traditionally held as the standard or the norm, will be tried, tested, and reconfigured by an urgent call for change. 

Because 2021 is shaped by a once-in-our-lifetime conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, one that takes place in December of 2020, we are reminded that Gregorian calendars are human made; the cycles of the planets are more accurate containers of time than numbers on paper. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is the dawning of a new era, one that is lived out in the style of the waterbearer. Under these auspices, the power of the collective and the need for structures that help us all thrive are undeniable. The beginning of 2021 especially drives that message home, making clear the impact of mass movements and the wealth that can only come from the communities we care for and are cared by. 

The key components of the astrology of 2021 will impact the signs in the following ways:

  • Aries & Aries Rising – The roles that you inhabit in your community become some of the most important portals of success for you in 2021. While you expand through your social commitments, you also come to understand how best to use your resources in service of collective works and movement building. 
  • Taurus & Taurus Rising – Professional commitments bring opportunities for growth, expansion, and success while you undergo pivotal personal changes. Sometimes the two don’t always go together, but it makes for some very lively and interesting growth spurts that, in the end, come to define your life for far more than just this year.  
  • Gemini & Gemini Rising – A personally potent year, you get to understand your impact, grow your professional presence, and expand your horizons through practices that help you heal, be disciplined, and that encourage self-awareness. 
  • Cancer & Cancer Rising – Expansion and growth happens through the collaborations that help you manifest your hopes and dreams. Streamlining professional projects and roles is imperative if you want to move definitively towards your long-term goals, but it’s not always comfortable. 
  • Leo & Leo Rising – With an increased role in your communities and networks, partnerships of all kinds become a major focus for you. A central theme in your unions will be about innovating the kinds of commitments that you are in and challenging the structures of them. 
  • Virgo & Virgo Rising – 2021 brings you many opportunities to expand your professional and public roles, projects, and pursuits; you’ll just have to make sure that the growth aligns with your long-term plans, and ultimately with what gives your life a sense of meaning. 
  • Libra & Libra Rising – Growth comes through your creative outlets and projects in 2021. Whatever you commit to making will need plenty of your resources: make sure you have enough time, energy, and care to give to both your collaborative work and your personal pursuits. 
  • Scorpio & Scorpio Rising – The changes that you are asked to make this year impact the foundations of your life, the structures of your relationships, and help you to revolutionize the meaning of home and family. The more you are able to lay down foundations that support your growth, the more connected you are to the prosperity of your life.
  • Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising – With an increase of speaking engagements, proposals, and daily activities, you’ll be feeling the need to structure your time with an exacting precision. Work projects demand that you bring forth ideas that clash with the status quo making it important for you to keep your reasons for doing so in neat and tidy file folders to recall for naysayers when necessary. 
  • Capricorn & Capricorn Rising – After surviving the onslaught of activity in Capricorn in 2020, 2021 turns its focus towards the resources you have to work with and how to make the most of them. Growth is imminent, but honest self-expression is a must. If you have to smooth out your edge too much, you’ll never cut to the core of your talent. 
  • Aquarius & Aquarius Rising – 2021 is more than defining for you, it is a personal revolution. This year asks you to commit to yourself and your growth in tangible and focused ways, all while discerning between the treasures and the outdated systems that you’ve inherited. It all comes down to what you recycle and what reclaim.   
  • Pisces & Pisces Rising – 2021 releases you from the professional and public roles that hold little meaning for you. At this point, what becomes clear is your need for honest exchanges and healing incubators. With a flood of fortunate situations on their way, this year asks you to do a little behind the scenes clearing in preparation.  

This course will outline the main astrological themes of 2021, how they will specifically affect your sign, and offer writing prompts to help you reflect on and make the most of the planetary shifts of 2021.

 Specifically, we’ll walk through: 

  • Saturn and Jupiter’s entrance into Aquarius; 
  • Jupiter’s entrance into Pisces; 
  • The Eclipses of 2021;
  • The Mercury Retrogrades of 2021; 
  • The Venus retrograde of 2021; 
  • Neptune in Pisces; Uranus in Taurus; and Pluto in Capricorn.

Delivery: This course’s materials are available for immediate download. You will receive an additional email from Shopify with a PDF that will take you to the course. If you have trouble viewing the course, contact us at sales@chaninicholas.com.

Format: This course will be taught through a series of videos that will be delivered to you via a Dropbox link. You do not need a Dropbox account to take part in the course but you will need access to the internet to download the videos. Printable slides will also be provided.   

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