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A Journey Through Mars Retrograde

Chani Nicholas

A Journey Through Mars Retrograde

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Mars, the Warrior planet of passion, action, strife, and courage will be retrograde from June 26th until August 27th. 

Retrograding every 2+ years, this Mars retrograde will occur alongside this summer’s Eclipse Season, making it one to remember. 

On its own, this is one of the major astrological events of 2018, which asks us all to make our anger, ambitions, and impulses more conscious. This transit will help us transform our rage into fuel so that we might bring about our desires. It will asks us to understand, in greater depth, how we both burn the bridges that we need and impede our ability to take necessary initiative.  

In this 5-part series, you will receive:  

  • An in-depth reading, specific to your sign, detailing the impact of Mars’s retrograde over a 9-week period;
  • Rituals, meditations, and suggestion on how to work with this Mars Retrograde in the most productive way possible;
  • An in-depth exploration of Mars in your chart (your natal Mars) by sign, house, and aspect; and
  • Rituals, meditations, and suggestions on how to work with your natal Mars.


Format: This course will be taught through a series of videos that will be delivered to you via a Dropbox link. You will receive new installments of the course every other Tuesday at 10 PM PT beginning on June 26th. You do not need a Dropbox account to take part in the course but you will need access to the internet to download the videos. Printable slides will also be provided. 

Delivery: Installments of this course will be delivered to you every other Tuesday, beginning June 26th at 10 PM PT. When you complete your purchase you will receive a confirmation email. If you have trouble receiving the confirmation email from us, please contact us at

Want to send this course as a gift to someone else? Just order using your own information. When you get the email with the course link, forward it to the gift recipient along with your personal message. Please do not click the access link, as your purchase only admits one course per participant.  

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