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Eclipse Season Part II: A workshop for the total solar eclipse

Chani Nicholas

Eclipse Season Part II: A workshop for the total solar eclipse

$ 25.00

The total solar eclipse in Leo (dubbed the Great American Eclipse, due to its shadow passing directly over America), occurring on August 21st, is a dramatic close to eclipse season.

Eclipse season is a time when the events of our lives tend to take on a more fated quality. What occurs now has heightened importance. Eclipse season is a time when endings and beginnings occur abruptly. A time when we get to witness the parts of ourselves that we normally wouldn’t. The parts that live in the shadows. The parts that feel unworthy of acceptance. The parts that needs healing the most.

To understand how this total solar eclipse will impact you and for help navigating it, please join me for this workshop which will include an astrological reading and a ritual for your sign, a guided meditation and astrological reflections.

Specifically, this course will: 

Explain the significance of the total solar eclipse for your sign;

Help you integrate its lessons and make the most of the rest of eclipse season;

Offer altar suggestions for the solar eclipse;

Provide rituals for the solar eclipse specific to each sign; and

Provide each sign with a detailed exploration of the astrology of the next lunar cycle that begins on August 21st and ends on September 18th. 

This course will be delivered to you via email within two hours of your purchase. If ordering after 8pm PT or on the weekend, please allow at least 12 hours for delivery. A link to a Dropbox folder will be provided to you in the email. You do not have to have a Dropbox account to participate, but you will need access to the internet to download the recordings.

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