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A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, Venus Retrograde and the Astrology from Oct 8th - Nov 6th

Chani Nicholas

A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, Venus Retrograde and the Astrology from Oct 8th - Nov 6th

$ 25.00

The new moon in Libra arrives on October 8th, at 8:47 PM PT. Ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, and relationship, who stations retrograde 3 days before the new moon, this lunar cycle wants to review the ways in which we relate to one another.

Occurring every 18-months for approximately 40 days, Venus's retrograde brings us into the heart of our intimacy issues. Relationships go through their own transformational process during this time, helping us to clarify our needs, values, and goals.

More than just personal, Venus's retrograde also points to the collective harm done by the systems that demean, degrade, and abuse all things related to Venus: women, femmes, and the expression of femininity

The new moon in Libra is followed by the full moon in Taurus on October 24th, a full moon that is also ruled by Venus retrograde making this a cycle unrelenting in its Venus retrograde themes.  

This workshop includes an in-depth reading of Venus’s retrograde and its impact on each sign as well as altar suggestions, a guided meditation, and a ritual specifically for Venus retrograde.

This workshop will include:  

  • A reading for your sign, explaining the significance of the new moon in Libra, Venus retrograde, and the full moon in Taurus;
  • A ritual for the new moon in Libra specific to your sign;
  • A ritual for Venus retrograde specific to your sign;
  • A ritual for the full moon in Taurus specific to your sign;
  • Guided meditations for the new moon in Libra, Venus retrograde, and the full moon in Taurus;
  • Altar suggestions for the new moon, Venus retrograde, and full moon;
  • And a detailed exploration of the astrology of the next lunar cycle that begins on October 8th and ends on November 6th. 

Delivery: A link to this course will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. If you have trouble viewing the course, contact us at

Format: This course will be taught through a series of videos that will be delivered to you via a Dropbox link. You do not need a Dropbox account to take part in the course but you will need access to the internet to download the videos. Printable slides will also be provided.   

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