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A Workshop for the New Moon in Aries and the Lunar Cycle from April 15th- May 14th

Chani Nicholas

A Workshop for the New Moon in Aries and the Lunar Cycle from April 15th- May 14th

$ 25.00
This lunar cycle opens up with a fiery new moon in Aries which occurs on April 15th at 6:57 PM PT. On the same day as the new moon, Mercury will station direct. Revealing what was hidden, Mercury's change in direction sets us out on a new cycle with greater clarity.
This new moon is also the last in Aries to conjunct Uranus for the next 80 or so years. Marking the monumental sign change that Uranus is about to make, this new moon promises to be awakening, helping us to break new ground, and make bold new beginnings.  
By the next new moon, Uranus will enter Taurus for the first time in 84 years. This lunar cycle helps us to understand the impact Uranus has made in our charts and lives while in Aries, and to prepare for what its entrance into Taurus might shake up, break up and help us break through.  

This workshop will: 

  • Explain the significance of the new moon in Aries and Mercury’s station direct for your sign;
  • Offer altar suggestions for the new moon in Aries;
  • Provide rituals for the new moon in Aries, specific to your sign;
  • Provide a guided meditation for working with the new moon in Aries; and
  • Provide your sign with a detailed and personalized exploration of the astrology of the next lunar cycle that begins on April 15th and ends on May 14th.


Format: This course will be taught through a series of videos that will be delivered to you via a Dropbox link. You do not need a Dropbox account to take part in the course but you will need access to the internet to download the videos. Printable slides will also be provided. 

DeliveryWhen you complete your purchase, a link to download the Welcome PDF will appear. Click the access link in the PDF to view the course immediately. You’ll also receive the PDF in an email.  If you have trouble viewing the course, contact us at

Want to send this course as a gift to someone else? Just order using your own information. When you get the email with the course link, forward it to the gift recipient along with your personal message. Please do not click the access link, as your purchase only admits one course participant.


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